From simply trying to improve your health, lose a little weight to bulking up and pushing your body and mind to its limits, when it comes to fitness goals, the range is extremely wide. For most men, a chest workout centers around three moves but these exercises can help build a perfect chest with these non-bench exercises.

There are so many chest exercises and workouts to try, there’s really no need for chest day to be so boring.

Try these exercises can help build a perfect chest with these non bench exercises.

6 Chest Workouts to Try Without a Bench

1- Standing Chest Press


Not only do you not need a bench, but you only need one piece of equipment – a dumbbell. The standing chest press is completed in a standing position and uniquely targets your pectoral muscles in a way that new muscle stimulation and growth.

2- Landmine Press


This explosive workout involves squatting, lifting or pressing on the end of an angled barbell and is a great option for those who are new to lifting weights.

Variations of this workout include: 

  • Single-arm 
  • Standing 
  • kneeling

3- Standing Upward Chest Fly


This workout effectively targets your upper, middle, and lower chest while also engaging the triceps, biceps, and core.

4- Pushups


An oldie but a goldie, there is a reason why the push up remains one of the go-to workouts. Lifting your own body-weight is one of the best workout.

5- Dumbbell Pull-Overs with Stability Ball


This workout is normally done using a bench. However, the use of the stability ball makes it more challenging due to the added element of balance and stability work.

6- Floor Press


The floor press is a great way to amp up your bench press routine if it has hit a plateau. Lie on your back on the floor and position yourself underneath the bar.