Most of us, who train in the gym, strive for a perfect physique. People who gain a large amount of mass, muscles and do nothing to maintain flexibility are the ones who lose it.

In fact, strength training can help muscles that can actually be an important part of increasing flexibility. The actual lifting of the weights does little to impede flexibility.

Modern workout is said to be “Flexercise,” like stretching body by doing martial arts, Kung Fu or gymnastic.

Everything has its time and place. For example, performing a 10 minutes of static hamstring stretches right before a set of jumping squats may relax your legs too.

Much intense flexibility training is usually best performed after a strength workout or on a separate day entirely. However, a brief dynamic stretch sequence can serve as a nice warm-up prior to your strength work.

Make it a part of your routine, from start to finish, and there’s little chance you’ll abandon consistency. Consistency is key to achieve goals. After all, most bodybuilders wouldn’t skip a day of training, unless they are some reasonable excuses.

All athletes should include stretching with their training routine and make it a habit.