Time to Get in Shape With Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge 2020

The 30 day Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 consists of exciting fitness events, sports games, wellness-focused entertainment, and an overall buzz that should...

Get Stronger With Jason Statham Workout and Diet Plan

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7 Tips to Avoid Weight Loss Headaches

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6 Easy Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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How to Get Vitamin D From Sun

Vitamin D can act as an antioxidant, regulate immune activity, support cardiovascular health, modulate blood sugar balance, and more. We need vitamin...

Fat Loss: Does Drinking Hot Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Burn belly fat and lose weight fast by starting drinking a glass of hot water everyday. Drinking hot or lukewarm water daily...

5 Tips to Keep in Mind During Summer Workout

Exercising outdoors in this summer heat may seem impossible, but it isn't as bad for you as you think.

Robert Pattinson Reveals His Diet and Exercise Routine for The Batman

Famous movie characters like Batman and Captain America are known for their superhero physicality, with actors often forced to get ripped and...

8 Effective Exercises and Diet Tips for Weight Loss

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Best 5 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Lose Weight

Your mobile phone is a perfect tool for staying in shape. These free mobile apps are incredibly useful and can be used...

Best Diet and Workout Plan During Ramadan

Muslims are blessed to have a month of Ramadan – 30 days where they can raise their spiritual levels, in addition to...

6 Tips To Stay Lean During Self-Isolation

Whole world has been in standstill effect, due to current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means, quarantining and self-isolation are our only hope...

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