Do you need to shed that unwanted weight while staying at home. This fat burning exercises and diet tips that are sure to spring you back into shape.

Here are a few exercises and diet tips to get you started:

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Tip#1: Minimize Carbs

An increase in protein and decrease in carb intake (complex carbs, strictly speaking, simple carbs are off the table) for the body to shed excess weight.

Tip#2: Stay Hydrated

Most healthy people can stay well hydrated by drinking water and other fluids from fruits intake whenever they feel thirsty. However, it is recommended to drink at least 8 glass of water everyday. For some people, fewer than 8 glasses may be enough.

Tip#3: Sleep Well

It is said to be “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” So, sleep is crucial to losing weight and exercising. Try to clock-in a good eight hours of sleep. Remember: a good night’s sleep = a good workout.

8 Effective Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness

Workouts and diet go hand in hand, you cannot cheat on the other and still expect to lose weight.

These workouts are easy-to-do that only require a mat and mind motivation (and a set of dumbbells, if available), you can do them at home, in your office (during lunch break), even in your hotel room when traveling.

Stay consistent and work hard for results. Go easy the first few days and progressively keep pushing yourself.

Try this exercises and diet tips to achieve your goals.

1. Upperbody: Standard Push-ups

A push-up is a total-body functional movement that’s great for increasing strength. It has the added benefit of engaging your core and lower body.

Make sure the neck and spine are aligned, stomach is pulled in and taut in a plank position. Arm distance should be slightly wider than the shoulders. When lowering the upper body with the arms, everything should come down in a straight line. Bend the elbows out to the side as you come down.

If you cannot do push-ups in a plank position bend knees on the mat, lift the feet up and cross them at the ankles.

Upperbody: Dumbbell Press

Lie down straight with legs stretched out and spine firmly pressed on the mat. Stretch arms right above the shoulders. When pulling down towards the chest, bend the arms outwards.

Make sure you don’t rest the weights on the chest, go as low as possible without touching the upper body. Keep the neck and spine in-line. No curves on the lower back.

2. Lowerbody: Dumbbell Deadlift

This workout targets shoulders, back, spine and neck in-line, stomach taut. Bend straight down and as you go down bend the knees as such that they don’t go over the toes. It should be a mechanical movement, the back lifting the weights and arms up, while the feet hold a steady grip on the ground.

Lowerbody: Narrow Squat + Dumbbell Raise

Back straight, stomach in, lower the body and keep knees behind the toes. Lift back up from the glutes (butt) and raise dumbbells overhead. Repeat. Palms should be facing each other. Do not curve your back during this exercise, it’ll injure the lower back.

3. Cardio: Jump switch lunges

Again, keep your back straight, stomach taut and hands either on the hips or in front of you. Bend one knee in front and place the other leg behind you, knee and leg in-line in an L-shape. Jump and switch. Movement should only be in the lower body and maintain balance so you don’t tip over on the side.

Cardio: Burpees

One of the most effective and hated exercises. Do a plank, jump in and bring your feet near your chest and then jump up high with arms raised above. Burpees can be modified by removing the jump at the end, you can just stand up and then jump back into a plank. If it’s still too hard, do high knees instead.

4. Abs: Basic Crunches

Lie straight, bend the knees and suck the stomach in. Place arms behind the head for support, but don’t put all the weight on hands. Pull up from the stomach as you raise the upper body to make sure to keep the elbows facing out on either sides throughout the exercise.

Look up at the ceiling, don’t strain the neck, focus on the ab muscles so they do the work, otherwise you’ll injure yourself. The upper body should move in unison, everything lifting together.

Abs: Crossbody Crunches

As with basic crunches, the same protocol applies here; focus should be on the abs, except legs should be raised moving in a bicycle motion. Bring your elbow in to touch the opposite knee and repeat. Notice, arms are still wide open.

These exercises range from beginner level to intermediate. Do 3 reps of 10 sets — which means 3 repetitions of each exercise, rest, and then the same exercise again 10 times — this workout is a total of 24 minutes based on the 3:10 ratio. You can do it twice through to get a full one-hour workout.

Stretching before and after is extremely important. But before stretching, do a little cardio, a run or jog to warm up the muscles.