One of the best workout place and an open-air gym that I have seen was “Lumpini Park” in Bangkok, Thailand.

It made my day when I entered this park. The happiest feeling was to see your favorite workout and cross-fit place when you are a fitness freak.

People from all age group, say aged 14 to 90 years were seen in this park. I was happy to see Thai people’s dedication and focus to maintain their fitness and urge for health good. When you travel to Bangkok I would recommend one must visit this park and get one’s body and mind refreshed.

Do you want to sweat from something other than the spicy and exotic food in Bangkok? Have you seen enough temples and now want to make your body a temple?

Are you fed up with Bangkok’s chaos and commotion and want to get your body in motion instead? Then head to Lumpini Park gym, the open air workout area in the heart of Bangkok.

Here’s how Lumpini Park’s outdoor gym stands up versus your old gym back home.

This workout park has high bars for muscle ups, pull up bars, parallel bars for dips as well as Swedish wall bars for human flag training.

It can accommodate parkour strength workout, street workout, bodyweight training, boot camp workout, and kung fu workout. Park has many pathways for running and jogging too.

Bangkok parks are a great way to exercise for free. In most cases, you don’t have to pay entrance fees to get into parks. And most parks offer free parking.

I would say it is the best outdoor gym in the world.