We’re assuming you have about sixty minutes to do your thing in the gym. These 10 best food will add power to your workout time.

It’s your power hour.

However, we’re also assuming that you want to conserve your power energy for you blast sessions, and not for when you’re sorting socks or rotating your tires.

Hence, throughout the week, you want indulge yourself in foods that are heavy in the calories, the carbohydrates, and the proteins.

Yes, some of them may contain small to moderate amounts of fat, but then again, your body needs some healthy fat, too.

10 Best Food for Workout:

Here are 10 best food suggestions that will add power to your workout hour.

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Stray from the fatty toppings (sausage, pepperoni, etc.) and opt for a low-fat cheese. What you have is a nice carbohydrate and protein pie. Toss on a few healthier toppings like peppers and onions for additional vitamins and minerals.



Here is one of the best sources for carbohydrates, a quick burst of energy that will propel you through your training session.

Also, oatmeal is great with vitamin-rich blueberries and strawberries.



Evenmore, packed with 50 grams of carbohydrates per cup, pasta, mixed in with a little tomato sauce, is not only a tasty choice, but it is rich in muscle-building proteins as well.


However, anything associated with butter – as peanuts surely are – usually leads to one dreaded three-letter word: fat.

Evenmore, peanuts are plenty fattening indeed, they’re also planters of a number of rich nutrients like potassium, zinc, and vitamin E.



It’s sweet, smooth and sensational. Likewise, yogurt is not only a soothing refreshment for fitness fanatics, it also blends a healthy balance of proteins and carbs.

Evenmore, highly recommended is to use low-fat yogurt.



Furthermore, potatoes are perhaps the best source of carbs you’ll find, packing some 30 grams inside of your average 4-ounce potato.



Eggs are great and cheap source of protein.

How do you like them? It doesn’t really matter because any way you flip them, boil them, fry them, or scramble them.

However, try to spare yourself of the egg’s yolk, for it is packed with fat and cholesterol.


Evenmore, the ideal protein drink, if you can blend it with a carbohydrate-rich powder, will consist of 25% protein and 60% carbs.


Chicken, in all forms, is loaded with protein, approximately 35 grams for a 4-ounce breast, However, we obviously recommend them grilled or baked as opposed to the fried version.

And remember to peel off that fattening skin.



Likewise, water is great source of dehydration. Drink it by the gallon. Actually, about a gallon a day – or perhaps eight glasses – is ideal, since your body cannot function without it.

However, too much water may be detrimental to your fitness quest for it could be flushing out minerals and vitamins that you need.