This Holy Month of Ramadan. Is your goal is fat loss or muscle building? The time period of Ramadan depends on different time zone as countries have different sunrise and sunset time. 

If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, this is the best time to achieve your goals. Firstly, by eating long-break foods, people force to diet down, but also feel too hard to get it done. During this period, you will be fasting for long hours. 


For fat loss, you have to eat fewer calories, but if you want to gain muscles, you can use 10g of  BCAA’s supplement in 2 liters of water by protecting your muscles from breaking down.

However, if you do cardio and abs workout on an empty stomach, it will be a plus point in this month. Meanwhile, I would recommend the evening as the best time to hit the gym.


To build muscles, you need to add more calories. Instead of gaining more muscles, you must maintain your muscles. So this should be your ultimate goal.

Forget about muscle gains. Focus on maintenance. Don’t force to eat too much food. But a lot of people have individual goals. Likewise, I would suggest you maintain your muscles during this period.


Suppose you are consuming 3000 to 4000 calories a day, that will be very tough for the system to digest. Along with maintaining good sleep as well is very challenging.

The best way, I will recommend you is to add calorie-high food, in which fat is going to play an important role. Foods like Peanut butter, seeds, nuts, oil, whole eggs, etc will help.


Time for fasting is 6am to 7pm (Depends on your time zone). 7pm (Iftar) will be your first meal. As a result, eat more calories and stop using complex carbs.

In addition, use simple carbs because you want to digest fast.  After that use food with fewer fibers. You can add dates, a protein with milk, peanut butter, bananas, etc making 600 cal of your meal.

At least, you can take 4 meals a day in non-fasting hours. 

•  7pm — Meal 1

•  9pm — Meal 2

•  11pm — Meal 3

•  4am  — Meal 4 (According to Suhur Time)


That is to say, you have 4 meals and can take up to 700 calories for each meal. Before exercise and after workout use simple carbs.

Most importantly, in the morning you can have a combination of slow and complex food. I suggest adding more complex carbs to maintain your energy level high during fasting hours.


Likewise, avoid doing too much cardio. Spend 15 to 20 minutes during Ramadan. Do weight lifting of course and do not lift heavy weights, if your goal is muscle maintenance or bodybuilding.

However, use a weight you can easily lift and focus on major compound workout using barbells and dumbbells. 


Furthermore, of your 4 meals, two can be replaced with smoothies.

In addition, smoothies are actually time-saving and will digest in less time.

Take two solid meals like oatmeal, brown rice, and slow digesting protein, For example, casein protein and cottage cheese.

Meanwhile, it takes 5 to 10 hours to digest and keep your energy level up throughout the day. You can use this in the morning before fasting. 

However, many Pro bodybuilders and professional athletes follow the same diet and keep nutrition balanced in Ramadan.

Above all do not train too hard because you are not eating 13 hours or more, which is very tough mentally and physically. In short, you don’t want to get really tired. Here are my fitness meal tips for Ramadan below:


• 1.5sp Whey or Plant Protein

• 240ml Milk

• 2 Bananas OR Carbs Supplement (50­‐60g)

• 2sp Natural Honey

• 2sp Peanut Butter

• 4 dates (Eat separately) 


• 1.5sp Whey or Plant Protein

• 240ml Gatorade or Apple Juice

• 2 Bananas OR Carbs Supplement (50 ­‐ 60g)

• 2sp Natural Honey

• 2sp Peanut Butter

• 5 Dates (Eat separately) 


• 150g Sweet Potatoes

• 100Chicken cooked with olive oil


• Chicken Biryani (with Brown Rice)


• 1cup Oatmeal 

• 1sp Whey Protein

• 1 Banana

• 4 Whole Eggs

• 15 Crushed Almonds

• 1 cup Coffee

Mix 10g BCAA in 2 Liters of Water and sip it from 7pm to 11pm  — 3am to 4am (According to Suhur Time).

SIMPLE CARBS — White Rice, White Potato, Quinoa, 

COMPLEX CARBS — Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Oats, etc.

What is your ultimate goal? Comment below.