During Ramadan drinking a big glass of water is unbeatable, but here are some 5 alternative ways to stay hydrated without drinking water.

With long fasting hours and increasing heat of the summer, it is very important for people in Ramadan to take extra precautions when dealing with their water consumption patterns. This will help ensure they remain healthy, hydrated and balanced throughout Ramadan.

While I am in the camp who believes there is nothing quite as refreshing as a glass of cold water, there are certainly those who disagree with me. Fortunately, there are other ways to stay hydrated if you don’t like plain old water.

There are plenty of water rich foods that we can eat to keep our bodies refreshed and hydrated all day, as well as a couple of ways to keep our skin fresh and hydrated.

Here are 5 alternative ways to stay hydrated if you get bored of drinking plain water this Ramadan.

5 delicious ways to stay hydrated without drinking water

These options contain a number of extra nutritional and health benefits to not only get your more hydrated, but also keep your immune system healthy.

1. Watermelons


A watermelon is made up of 92 per cent water, and 8 per cent fruit. The fluids found inside watermelon include salt, calcium and magnesium, which are perfect components to re-hydrate the body after a long day.

2. Milk


Have a bowl of cereal after iftar with some milk. We all know that milk is a great way to get your calcium fix, but it also keeps hydration levels up throughout the day. It is also a great post workout drink, as it helps with recovery after exercise. Adding some mangoes and strawberry will add more sweetness in milk.

3. Smoothie


Moreover, pick some fruit with high water content such as watermelon, apples, oranges, and pineapples blend it up and make a smoothie! Instead of adding yogurt or milk, try adding water and some ice instead. It will keep you hydrated for longer and drink it during suhoor.

4. Tea


One of the favorite choice starts with a cup of tea. Tea is 100 per cent water, but flavoured with herbs. Try not to add sugar, so you can enjoy the benefits. Herbal teas are best and even helps out to reduce body weight.

5. Soups

Soup Veggies

Soup is an essential starter at any iftar table. Soups not only keep you hydrated, they’re also a delicious way to get your veggies. If you have the option, choose a clear soup rather than a creamy one and start your meal with a nice hot bowl. It’s a great way to boost your water intake and energy levels and will keep your body full of water.